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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pearl Grendziak-2, Social Security Death Record

Name: Pearl Blanton [Pearl Grendziak-2]
SSN: 381-18-3739
Last Residence: 34210 Bradenton, Manatee, Florida
Born: 19 Mar 1903
Died: 26 Aug 1997
SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951 )

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Felix Bober-2 and Pearl Grendziak-2 Family

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Felix Bober-2, Timeline

Felix Bober-2

23 April 1893 Born in Mlawa, Russia (now Poland) to Franz Bober-3 and Edna Zimiski-3

11 April 1908. Arrived in U.S. on the S.S. Zeeland from Antwerp (Father's Name Franz, last residence Smjewo, Russia)

1914. Portrait of Felix with hat and cigar

Pre-WWI? Felix with tools of his trade

5 June 1917. Draft registration card (Date and place of birth, Flint address, employed at Buick as sheetmetal worker)

1918. Portraits of Private Bober

10 January 1920. US Census. Boarding on Spencer Street in Flint. Working as a carpenter.

4 September 1921. Marriage to Pearl Grendziak-2. Wedding photo and Registration.

2 April 1930. US Census. Home on 723 Addison St. in Flint. Gas Station operator.

Addresses from Polk's City Directory of Flint, 1936-1945

1937/38. Snapshot of Bober family

4 September 1946. 25th wedding anniversary snapshot

1948-1960. Otisville Hotel

13 November 1960. Felix Bober died in Otisville, Michigan. Obituary.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Felix Bober-2, Poland locations

From his WWI draft registration card (5 June 1917), we have the birthplace of Felix Bober-2 in Poland, Russia as "Mlava":

This looks like: Mlawa which is the county seat of Mlawa. Here is the city's official website.

Here a link to Mlawa County's official website's page about its history.

We have Felix's town of last residence in Russia (Race or People: "Polish") from the S.S. Zeeland's ship manifest (11 April 1908) as "Smjewo":

In one of the Mlawa county's ten administrative districts ("gmina"), Stupsk, we find seven villages or settlements with hyphenated names that include "Zmijewo":

Żmijewo Kościelne, Żmijewo-Gaje, Żmijewo-Kuce, Żmijewo-Podusie, Żmijewo-Ponki, Żmijewo-Szawły and Żmijewo-Trojany

Here is a Google map with directions from Mlawa to Zmijewo-Kuce.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Felix Bober-2, arrival in US

Manifest of Alien Passengers
S.S. Zeeland sailing from Antwerp
Date of arrival: April 11, 1908

Name in full: Bober, Felix [Felix Bober-2]
  • Age: 17
  • Sex: f [sic!]
  • Able to read/write: yes/yes
  • Nationality: Russia
  • Race/People: Polish
Last Permanent Residence:
  • Country: Russia
  • City/Town: Smjewo [Sinjewo?]
  • Name/address of nearest relative in country whence alien came: Father Franz Bober, Smjewo [Sinjewo?]
Other information
  • Final destination: NY, Brooklyn
  • Ticket to final destination: Yes
  • Passage paid by...: Self
  • In possession of...:$15
  • In US before: No
  • Going to join a relative: Cousin, Fam. [address ditto from person above, Brooklyn NY, illegible]
  • Height: 5 ft 1 in
  • Complexion: fair
  • Hair color: [?, not black, not blond, not brown, not grey]
  • Eye color: brown

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

1914 portrait, Felix Bober-2

Note: the picture was cut for an oval frame, the corners of the picture have been pixeled in to make this a rectangular picture, e.g. the bottom of the back of the leg on the left was cloned from the upper part of the leg.

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Felix Bober-2, tooled

Felix Bober-2, the man on the left


Felix Bober-2, Draft Registration 1917

World War I
Draft Registration Card

Date: June 5, 1917
County: Genesee
State: Michigan

Felix Bober-2
  • Age: 24
  • Address: 929 Dayton, Flint, Michigan
  • Date of Birth: April 23, 1893
  • Birthplace Mlava, Poland/Russia(Mlawa)
  • Present trade: sheetmetal worker
  • Where employed: Buick Motor Co.Plant #12 Flint Michigan
  • Marital status: Single
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Color of eyes: Brown
  • Color of hair: Auburn

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Felix Bober-2, Uniformed. WW I

Felix Bober-2

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1920 Census, Felix Bober-2

US Census
10 Jan 1920
Flint Township, Genesee County, Michigan
917 Spencer Street

Felix Bober-2, Roomer
  • Personal Description: M[ale], W[hite], 27 [years], S[ingle]
  • Birthyear: 1895[not clear]
  • Citizenship: NA[turalized]
  • Immigration year: 1908 [not clear]
  • Education: Can read and write
  • Birthplace: Russia Poland, Mother tongue: Polish
  • Parents' Birthplace: Poland. Parents' mother tongue: Polish
  • Occupation: Carpenter [hard to read], Construction

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Friday, August 21, 2009

4 September 1921, Marriage of Felix Bober-2 and Pearl Grendziak-2

Felix Bober-2 and Pearl Grendziak-2


V10 320 2396 09/04/1921

Flint Genealogical SocietyGenesee County Marriage Index to 1934

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Bober Family ca 1938

Antoinette Bober-1, Dorothy Bober-1, Franky Bober-1, Felix Bober-2, Pearl Grendziak-2
Flint, Michigan, Late 1930s

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US Census 1930, Felix Bober-2 Family

April 2, 1930
Flint City, Genesee County, Michigan

Place of abode: 723 Addison St.
Home Data: Owned, $4800, radio in home

Felix Bober-2
  • Description: Head of household, 36 [years] M[ale], W[hite], M[arried]
  • Age at first marriage: [illegible]
  • Education: can read and write
  • Birthplace: Poland
  • Birthplace, father: Poland
  • Birthplace, mother: Poland
  • Language spoken in home before coming to US: Polish
  • Year of immigration: 1907
  • Citizenship: NA[turalized]
  • Can speak English: Yes
  • Occupation: Operator, Gas Station
  • Working previous regular work day: Yes
  • Veteran: Yes, WW[I]

Pearl Grendziak-2
  • Description: Wife, 27 [years] Fe[male], W[hite], M[arried]
  • Age at first marriage: 21
  • Education: can read and write
  • Birthplace: Poland
  • Birthplace, father: Poland
    Birthplace, mother: Poland
    Language spoken in home before coming to US: Polish
  • Year of immigration: 1906
  • Citizenship: NA[turalized]
  • Can speak English: Yes

Dorothy Bober-1

  • Description: Daughter, 5[years] Fe[male], W[hite], S[ingle]
  • Birthplace: Michigan
  • Birthplace, father: Poland
    Birthplace, mother: Poland

Antoinette Bober-1
  • Description: Daughter, 2 9/12[years] Fe[male], W[hite], S[ingle]
  • Birthplace: Michigan
  • Birthplace, father: Poland
  • Birthplace, mother: Poland

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bober's Filling Station

Bober's Filling Station
3930 Industrial Ave., Flint, Michigan

Felix Bober-2, at your service!


Bober Home 1920s-1940s

Felix Bober-2 and Pearl Grendziak-2 home

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1936-1945 Addresses from Flint Directory, Felix Bober-2

Home Address of Felix J. Bober [Felix Bober-2] and Pearl [Pearl Grendziak-2]: 723 Addison, Flint, Michigan
Work Address of Felix: Bober's Filling Station, 3930 Industrial av., Flint, Michigan.

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25th wedding anniversary, Felix Bober-2 and Pearl Grendziak-2

25th anniversary of Felix Bober-2 and Pearl Grendziak-2. Flint, Michigan. 1946.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Otisville Hotel and Bar

Felix Bober-2 on the left, 1960

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Felix Bober-2, Death Certificate

Instrument: 196011130000007 Volume, Page: D115, 288
Date of Death: 11/13/1960


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Monday, August 17, 2009

Felix Bober-2, obituary

Felix Bober-2

Flint Journal
14 November 1960

Otisville Hotel Owner is Dead
Rites Wednesday for Felix Bober [Felix Bober-2]

Felix Bober, 66, owner and operator of the Otisville Hotel the last 12 years and former Flint gasoline-station operator, died Sunday at his home in Otisville.

The body will be at the Laing-Robinson Funeral Home, Otisville, where a Rosary will be said at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Services will be at 10 A.M. Wednesday in All Saints Catholic Church. Burial will be in Grace Lawn.

Mr. Bober was a native of Poland. He came to Flint after World War I. He had owned a gasoline station at Industrial Ave. and Edmund St., since 1924. He operated the station for many years and also was a partner in the old Industrial Foundry here.

He was a member of the Ezra Paul Post 321, American Legion.

He leaves his wife Pearl [Pearl Grendziak-2]; two daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Tomczyk [Dorothy Bober-1], San Diego, Calif., and Mrs. Antoinette Collier [Antoinette Bober-1], Indianapolis, and six grandchildren.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anna Korda-2, Timeline

On this page I give links to documents/photos for Anna Korda-2 collected thus far and which were all posted earlier.

13 June 1900 1900 US Census Anton Korda Family

Overview: Descendents of Anton Korda-3 and Susan Czech-3

Meet the Kordas. 1901-03(?)

4 December 1904 Korda Employment

1 Jun 1905 Anton Korda-3 Family, 1905 Wisconsin Census

26 April 1910 Anton Korda-3 family, 1910 census

4 September 1912 1912 Visit of Marie Corda to Stevens Point

4 February 1916 4 Feb 1916 Traffic Accident in Stevens Point

9 February 1916 1916 Anna Korda-2, Traffic Accident

unknown date Anna Korda-2, Young portrait with a hat

21 August 1919 1919 Anna Korda-2 visits Stevens Point, WI

7 January 1920 Anna Korda-2, 1920 US Census

14 February 1920 Copy of the Anna Korda-2's and Samuel Collier-2's copy of the marriage certificate (His Timeline)

14 February 1920 Location of the official marriage certificate.

31 March 1920 Anna Korda-2, General Motors Bonus

21 March 1922 Birth of daughter Virginia Mae

18 July 1923 Birth of son. Charles E.

13 January 1926 Birth of son Irwin Lee

1928 Birth of son Donald L

Samuel Collier-2 and Anna Korda-2 Family

4 April 1930 1930 Census, Samuel Collier Family, Flint, Michigan

July 15, 1951. Dewey Street, Flint, Michigan

6 December 1980 Anna Korda-2, Social Security Death Index

6 December 1980 Anna Korda-2, Death Certificate

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 15, 1951. Dewey Street, Flint, Michigan

Samuel Collier-2 in his Sunday best.

Anna Korda-2 with dog, Blackie

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paper mills where the Kordas worked

Just south of Stevens Point is the Village of Conant Rapids in the Township of Plover.

At the bottom of this map we see the location of the Wisconsin River Paper and Pulp Co. where Anton Korda-3 worked for 40 years and next to it the Plover Paper Company where Anna Korda-2, John Korda-2 and Paul Korda-2 worked. The map comes from a 1915 book. This map reveals more of the area to the South of the Village of Conant Rapids.

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1915 Map of Stevens Point

You can see property locations for
[Anton Korda-3] and his son [John Korda-2] in the upper right corner of this map for Northwest Stevens Point in 1915.

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4 December 1904 Korda Employment

Plover Paper Company - Payroll - December 1904

Bohinski, F.
Corda, John [John Korda-2]
Kowalski, John
Liskum, G.
Pitcher, A. W.
Stankowski, Mike
Tomczak, Joe

Booth, Warren
Callows, Walter
Corda, Paul [Paul Korda-2]
Eggleston, Eugene
Herman, Will
Hollenback, Harry
Maddy, Chas.
Maddy, Ernest
Marquardt, Wm
Meyers, Ray
Moore, Ernest
Oertell, Geo
Pulchinski, Leo
Rausch, Mat
Ross, Arthus
Schnoor, Henry
Scribner, Hilan
Skinner, Al
Spellman, Martin
Suchoski, Joe
Suchowski, John
Tang, A.F.
West, Earl
West, Harry
Whittaker, Chas

Barkowiak, Stella
Ceplina, Tessie
Chilla, Mary
Chilla, Theresa
Dorbeck, Clara
Drefszinski, Anna
Elbrant, Theophila
Fredo, Lizzie
Friday, Mary
Hoppa, Mary
Kachelski, Anna
Kanetzki, Mrs.
Karashinski, Mary
Korda, Anna [Anna Korda-2]
Kulas, Anna
Kulas, Lucy
Kulas, Susie
Mayeck, Stella
Mayer, Nellie
Platta, Theophila
Politowski, Mary
Politowski, Pearl
Preshinski, Francis
Shippy, Maud
Stachiowiak, Agnes
Suchowski, Mary
Wachiowiak, Josie
Wara, Francis
Weier, Mattie
Weiss, Francis
Witrykowski, Katie
Witrykowski, Victoria
Woyownaska, Anna

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Stevens Point Area Genealogical Society

Fabulous website for Stevens Point, Wisconsin: e.g. some local history,collection of transcribed obits, etc.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anna Korda-2, General Motors Bonus

General Motors Corporation
Bonus Certificate

This is to certify that Anna Corda [Anna Korda-2] who entered the Corporation's service in 1916 has been awarded a JUNIOR BONUS in recognition of exceptionally earnest and intelligent work during the year 1919.

Countersigned [illegible signature], Bonus Custodian
H. H. Bassett, General Manager [of Buick]
New York, March 31, 1920 Buick Division

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Anna Korda-2, Young portrait with a hat

Anna Korda-2


Monday, August 10, 2009

1875 Arrival of Anton Korda-3 and Susan Czech-3

Arrival Date: 3 Apr 1875
Ship Name: Neckar
Port of Arrival: New York

Name: Anton Korda [Anton Korda-3]
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Peasant
  • Place of Origin: Germany
Name: Susanne Czech [Susan Czech-3]
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: None
  • Place of Origin: Germany

Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England

Original data: Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, 675 rolls); Records of the U.S. Customs Service, Record Group 36; National Archives

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet the Kordas. 1901-03(?)

Back row: Anna, Paul, Josephine, John, Gusta, Antoinette
Front row: Leo, Mae, Susan, Anton, Jennie, Frank

Note: Mae was born 26 October 1897.

The photo comes from Mae's great-grandaughter.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Overview: Descendents of Anton Korda-3 and Susan Czech-3

It is possible that I still might be missing someone in Generation-1. In his obituary (1941), 44 grandchildren are claimed and I know at least one died before Anton Korda-3.

Anton Korda-3 & Susan Czech-3

  • John Korda-2, 2 Sons
  • Gusta Korda-2, 4 Sons/2 Daughters
  • Josephine Korda-2, 3 Sons/3 Daughters, (1 infant died?)
  • Antoinette Korda-2, 3 Sons/6 Daughters
  • Frank Korda-2, 2 Sons/1 Daughter
  • Anna Korda-2, 3 Sons/1 Daughter
  • Paul Korda-2, 3 Sons
  • Leo Korda-2, 1 Son/1 Daughter
  • Jennie Korda-2, 3 Sons/6 Daughters
  • Mae Korda-2, 1 Daughter

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Obituary Searchs for Stevens Point, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Library


1880 Census Anton Korda-3 Family

10 June 1880
Fourth Ward, Stevens Point
Portage County, Wisconsin
Franklin Street

Carter [sic!], Anthony [Anton Korda-3]. W/M 32 years, married, laborer
_____, Susanna [Susan Czech-3]. W/F 24 years, wife,married, housekeeper
_____, John [John Korda-2]. W/M 3 years, son.
_____, Gusta [Gusta Korda-2]. W/F 1 year, daughter

Source: Database online. Stevens Point, Portage, Wisconsin, ED 145, roll T9_1442, page 157.2000, image .

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Why there is no 1890 Census posting

10 January 1921 there was a fire at the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C.
Only 1/10,000 of the individual records of the 1890 Census remain.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service

Go the the Wisconsin Historical Society to try your own luck.
Note that not all Corda(s); Korda(s) come up.


1900 US Census Anton Korda Family

13 June 1900
Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin
661 Prentice street

Corda, Antony [Anton Korda-3]. Head. W[hite], M[ale], Born: month? 1848 in Poland (Ger[many]), 52 years, M[arried] 26 yrs, Parents born in Poland (Ger[many]):Immigrated 1874, 26 yrs in US, Laborer (paper mill), own home mortgage-free

Corda, Susian [Susan Czech-3]. Wife. W[hite], F[emale], Born: month "Un", 1859 in Poland (Ger[many]),41 years, M[arried] 26 yrs, 10 children living. Parents born in Poland (Ger[many])

Corda, Josephine [Josephine Korda-2]. Daughter, W/ F, Born: Mar 1880 in Wisconsin, 5 years, S[ingle], Laborer (paper mill)

Corda, Tony [Antoinette Korda-2]. Daughter, W/ F, Born: June 1881 in Wisconsin, 18 years, S[ingle], Laborer (paper mill)

Corda, Anna [Anna Korda-2]. Daughter, W/ F, Born: May 1883 in Wisconsin, 16 years, S[ingle], Laborer (paper mill).

Corda, Paul [Paul Korda-2]. Son. W/M, Born: Jan 1888 in Wisconsin, 12 years, S[ingle]

Corda, Frank [Frank Korda-2]. Son. W/M, Born: Mar? 1891 in Wisconsin, 9 years, S[ingle].

Corda, Louis [Leo Korda-2]. Son. W/M, Born: Dec 1892 in Wisconsin, 7 years, S[ingle].

Corda, Johanna [Jennie Korda-2]. Daughter, W/F, Born: June 1894 in Wisconsin, 5 years, S[ingle].

Corda, Mary [Mae Korda-2]. Daughter, W/F, Born: Oct 1897 in Wisconsin, 2 years, S[ingle].

Note: Between 661 and 665 Prentice street is no housenumber but something like "Division" written in margin. This is Anton's son's John's Family

Corda, John. Head [John Korda-2]. W/M, Born: Sept 1874 in New York, 25 years, M[arried] 3 years. Laborer (Paper Mill) employed 12 months. Owned home, mortgaged.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anton Korda-3 Family, 1905 Wisconsin Census

1 June 1905
Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin
4th Ward, City

Corda, Anton [Anton Korda-3]. H[ead], W[hite], M[ale], 56, M[arried], Place of Birth (self): Pol[and]/Ger[many],  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many]; Occupation: Laborer Pap[er] Mill 11 months; Home owned, free of mortgage.

Corda, Susie [Susan Czech-3]. W[ife], W[hite], F[emale], 48, M[arried], Place of Birth (self): Pol[and]/Ger[many],  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many]

Corda, Josephine [Josephine Korda-2]. D[aughter], W[hite], F[emale], 22, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many],Occupation: Counter(?) Pap[er] Mill 8 months

Corda, Anna  [Anna Korda-2]. D[aughter], W[hite], F[emale], 18, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many], Occupation: Laborer Pap[er] Mill 8 months

Corda, Paul [Paul Korda-2]. S[on], W[hite], M[ale], 17, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many], Occupation: Laborer Pap[er] Mill 8 months

Corda, Frank [Frank Korda-2]. S[on], W[hite], M[ale], 15, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many], Occupation: Laborer [illegible, not Pap.Mill] 6 months

Corda, Leon  [Leo Korda-2]. S[on], W[hite], M[ale], 12, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many]

Corda, Geneveve  [Jennie Korda-2]. D[aughter], W[hite], F[emale], 9, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many]

Corda, Mamie [Mae Korda-2]. D[aughter], W[hite], F[emale], 7, S[ingle], Place of Birth (self): Wisconsin,  Place of Birth (parents): Pol[and]/Ger[many]

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Anton Korda-3 family, 1910 census

Date: 26 April 1910

661 Prentice street

Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin

Korda, Anton. [Anton Korda-3] Head. M
[ale], W[hite], 59, Married 35 years. Birthplace Germany/Poland. Parents: German/Polish. Immigration year 1875, citizenship status PA, speaks English, occupation: odd jobs at paper mill

Korda, Zuzanna.
[Susan Czech-3] Wife, F[emale], W[hite], 51 yrs, married 35 years. Bore 13 children, 10 alive now. Birthplace: Germany/Poland. Parents: German Polish. Not working.Immigrated 1875.

Korda, Leon.
[Leo Korda-2] Son. M[ale], W[hite], 17 yrs, single. Birthplace: Wisconsin. Both parents: German Polish. Laborer at Paper Mill

Korda, Anna.
[Anna Korda-2] Daughter, F[emale], W[hite], 20 years, single. Birthplace: Wisconsin. Both parents:German Polish. Occupation: Laborer in paper mill

Korda, Johanna.
[Jennie Korda-2] Daughter, F[emale], W[hite], 15 years, single. Birthplace: Wisconsin, Both parents German/Polish. occupation Odd jobs in Paper Mill

Korda, Mary. [Mae Korda-2] Daughter,
F[emale], W[hite], 12 years, single. Born in Wisconsin. Both parents German/Polish.

Database online. Stevens Point Ward 4, Portage, Wisconsin, ED , roll T624_1733

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1912 Visit of Marie Corda to Stevens Point

The Gazette
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
4 September 1912


Miss Marie Corda [probably a cousin, either the daughter Mary of Anna's Uncle John Corda or the daughter Mary of Anna's Uncle Louis Corda] of Chicago is a guest of Miss Anna Corda [Anna Korda-2] this week.

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4 Feb 1916 Traffic Accident in Stevens Point

Stevens Point Daily Journal
Friday, 4 Feb 1916

Stunned in Collision of Cutter and Automobile Wednesday

Miss Mary Korda [Mae Korda-2], who resides out on Prentice street, was the young lady injured in the collision between a cutter and a Stevens Point Garage automobile driven by Frank Eiden at Strongs avenue and Park street Wednesday evening. She was stunned for a time by the shock of her fall. She struck on her head and was somewhat bruised but her injuries are not serious. She is still confined to her home but will soon be about as usual. Her companions in the cutter were her father [Anton Korda-3] and her sister, Anna [Anna Korda-2]. They were returning home from their day's work at one of the paper mills.

The accident was one of the unavoidable sort in which no one is to blame, it is stated, the concealment of the corner by the Oberlatz tailor shop being chiefly responsible.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

1916 Anna Korda-2, Traffic Accident

The Gazette
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
9 Feb 1916


Miss Mayme Corda [Mae Korda-2], 661 Prentice street, was painfully bruised last Wednesday evening, when a cutter and an automobile came together at the corner of Park street and Strongs avenue. Miss Corda, with her father, Anton Corda [Anton Korda-3], and sister, Miss Anna [Anna Korda-2], were returning from their work at the Whiting-Plover paper mill in a cutter and were turning north on Strongs avenue from Park street when an automobile driven by Frank Eiden drew up. Owing to the fact that the Oberlatz tailor shop screened the view, the occupants of the two vehicles did not become aware of their predicament until it was too late, but the driver of the car showed presence of mind by making a sharp turn, preventing a direct collision. As it was the cutter was somewhat damaged and its occupants thrown out. Miss Mayme Corda was the only one hurt to any extent, but her njuries were not serious, it is stated.

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1919 Anna Korda-2 visits Stevens Point, WI

Stevens Point Daily Journal
Thursday 21 August 1919
page 4


"Frank Corda-2 of Chicago is spending a week's vacation in the city at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Corda [Anton Korda-3], 661 Prentice street.

...Miss Anna Corda [Anna Korda-2] of Flint, Mich., who spent the past two weeks at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Corda, 661 Prentice street, returned home Wednesday."

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Anna Korda-2, 1920 US Census

Date: 7 Jan 1920
Address: 2517 Ave A, Flint Michigan

Robert F. Landis family (7 persons) and 3 roomers

Name: Corda, Anna [Anna Korda-2]
Age: 31 years
Marital status: single
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Parents' birthplace: Wisconsin [sic]
Occupation: Forelady, Automobile factory

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1920 Anna Korda-2 and Samuel Collier-2

14 February 1920

Copy of the couple's copy of the marriage certificate.

Location of the official marriage certificate.

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Anna Korda-2, US Census 1930

1930 census Samuel Collier-2 and Anna Korda-2 in Flint Michigan.

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Anna Korda-2, Social Security Death Index

Name: Anna Collier [Anna Korda-2]
SSN: 383-54-2945
Last Residence: 48507 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, United States of America
Born: 25 Jul 1886
Died: Dec 1980
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (1966)

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Anna Korda-2, Death Certificate

Instrument: 198012060000055
Volume Page: D231 0414
Deceased: COLLIER , ANNA MARIE [Anna Korda-2]
Date of Death: 6 Dec 1980
Local File No: 3174


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Samuel Collier-2 and Anna Korda-2 Family

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Children of Samuel Collier-2 and Anna Korda-2

December 1955 Dewey Street, Flint, MI
Irwin-1, Virginia-1, Charles-1, Donald-1 Collier

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lilian Winifred Marsden-2, apparently living May 1920

Note that this document contradicts Samuel Collier-2 marital status of "widower" in his 1919 crossing to Detroit!

Canada to Detroit crossing of George and Violet "Marsdon" (sic) 24 May 1920.

George Marsden-2: 27 years, 5ft 9 1/2 in, born in London Eng, tool maker. [Note: this is the age of the brother George of Lilian Winifred Marsden-2]
Wife: Violet: 24 years, 5ft 1in, born in London England, machine operator, relative mother Eliza Holmes at songal (sp?) stock farm in Windsor.

Both George and Violet resided in Windsor.

Final destination is Los Angeles California (friend Wm. Smith, 255 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles). $1800 (the 8 is hard to read) on hand.

Mrs. W. Collier, Toronto Ont. listed as nearest relative (sister) to George Marsdon (sic) immigrating from Windsor to Los Angeles Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007.

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Samuel Collier-2, Timeline

Below are links to documents for Samuel Collier-2 that I have found thus far and which were all posted earlier.

The natural question that arises is why I am so sure that these 21 documents are all related to the same individual. From 1920 on we can be absolutely certain that we are talking about my dear Grandpa Samuel Collier. The 1920 Census has only a single Samuel Collier in Flint working a drill press in an automobile factory and he is single, born in England, immigrated to the US in 1913 and of the right age.

Working backward we have the key document of 24 Aug 1919 when Samuel is returning to Flint from Canada. There he reported to be going to his friend. W. Hovey, 633 Baker St., Flint, Michigan which is where he was a lodger in the 1920 Census. Further he reported that his nearest relative in Canada was B. Marsden, a cousin in Winsor, Ontario. His last departure from the US was January 1918 which is the month that he joined the Canadian Expenditionary Force. Finally he stated there that he lived in Flint 1913-18.

This links us to the other key document 21 Apr 1913 entry to the US at Detroit for Samuel Collier. He reported Brampton, Ontario as his last permanent residence and nearest relative being his wife "Lillian (sic) Winifred Collier" with an address Victoria St, Toronto, Ontario. This document also gives his Canadian immigration date 7 May 1910 at Quebec, having arrived on the steamship Virginian.

Everything else falls into place, given that my father and his siblings knew the maiden name of Samuel's mother to be Taylor.

In his Canadian Army Attestation, he gives his uncle's name William Taylor-3, living in Patricroft which is close to Flixton. His mother Ellen Taylor-3 did have a brother William.

The last piece of detective work was to find the 1891 UK Census entry for Samuel and his mother who were with her mother on the day of the census and incorrectly recorded as "Taylors". This conclusion is supported by the fact that Samuel's brother John was recorded correctly on census day 1891 to be with Samuel's other (i.e. Collier) grandmother.

6 Dec 1888
Birth Record
3 Feb 1889
5 Apr 1891 UK Census 1891, Brook Road, Flixton
31 Mar 1901
UK 1901 Census, Ellen Collier & Sons
27 Jun 1908
Samuel Collier & Lilian Winifred Marsden Marriage
3 Aug 1908
Una Collier Birth Record
30 Sep 1908
Una Collier Baptism Record
7 May 1910
Arrival in Canada
21 Jun 1911
Canadian Census
21 Apr 1913
Samuel Collier enters US at Detroit
5 Jun 1917
US Draft Registration
18 Jan 1918
Attestation Paper Joining Canadian Army
16 Jun 1919
Canadian Army Discharge
24 Aug 1919
Samuel Collier again enters US at Detroit
9 Jan 1920
US Census 1920
14 Feb 1920
Marriage License Samuel Collier & Anna Korda
14 Feb 1920
Samuel Collier & Anna Korda Marriage
17 Jun 1925
Samuel Collier, Naturalization Paper
4 Apr 1930
US Census 1930, Samuel Collier Family, Flint, MI
31 Jul 1966
Genesee County Death Certificate
31 Jul 1966
Social Security Death Record

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Samuel Collier-2, Ship that brought him over

For a history of the Allan Line that owned the steamship Virginian.

There are images of the Virginian at the above link.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Samuel Collier-2 link to Canadian Army Accession paper

Canadian Archives

Then click on the icons "Front of form" and "Back of form"


1984 Letter from Aunt May to a nephew-0

April 25, 1984

Dear [Nephew-0],

It was so nice to hear from you. What a grand idea you have, wanting to find out more about Grandpa [Samuel Collier-2].

I'm sorry [Nephew-0], but I can't be of much help.

Grandpa's father [Samuel Collier-3] came over to Windsor, Canada first, he was going to send for the rest of the family when he had saved the money. Before he could send for them he died.

After Uncle Harold and I were married we took Grandma [Anna Korda-2] & Grandpa over to Windsor to look for the cemetary. Things had changed so much Grandpa couldn't find it.

When Grandpa's Mother [Ellen Taylor-3] died, in England, he came to Windsor and worked in a nursary until he could enter the U.S. At the end of W.W. I Grandpa tried to find his brother [John Collier-2]. Some how he knew he wasn't killed in the war. He had an address, but a Bobby advised him not to go in that part of town it was very rough, so he came on home.

The lady Grandpa wrote to was a cousin. He would write and send money (small amounts) after W.W. II started the letters stopped coming. There was a picture of the cousin. I think there was at least three people in the picture. if it is anywhere it would be in the box of pictures your Dad has.

The only thing I have is a Bible that belongs to Grandpa's mother, her maiden name was Taylor. She taught Sunday School.

[Nephew-0] I wish you all the luck and hope you are able to come up with something. Take care of yourself.


Aunt May [Virginia Mae Collier-1] & Uncle Harold

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Families of Samuel Collier-2, Overview

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Samuel Collier-2, Birth Record 1888

Copy of an entry of birth
Registration District: Barton upon Irwell
Sub-district: Stretford
County: Lancaster
Year: 1888
  • When and where born: 6 Dec 1888, Brook Road, Flixton
  • Name: Samuel [Samuel Collier-2]
  • Sex: Boy
  • Father: Samuel Collier [Samuel Collier-3]
  • Mother (with maiden name): Ellen Collier, formerly Taylor [Ellen Taylor-3]
  • Occupation of father: carter
  • Signature, description, residence of informant: Ellen Collier, mother, 68 East Ordsall Lane, Salford
  • When registered: 17 Jan 1889

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